21 Amazing Gifts for A Depressed Friend…that will make her smile

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Buying a gift for someone with depression can be intimidating. There are lots of emotions involved. And you’re worried that instead of making her feel comforted, uplifted and positive, you might mistakenly trigger the opposite emotions.

You see, I am that friend with depression. I have been on the giving and receiving end. And I know which gifts are the best gifts for a depressed friend.

Having a friend that struggles with depression can make you feel somewhat uncomfortable at times.

Depression isn’t like any other type of illness.

It can be debilitating to those experiencing it. And it can make those near them feel anxious and inadequate.

But if you’re a good friend, (and I know you are because you’re here) you just want to help ease her mind and do something to make her smile.

Sometimes making her smile means just being there.

And other times, she just needs to be alone.

For those times you can’t crash on the couch with her watching your favorite love story or be laughing out loud at the latest Tiktok video, there are still ways to show you care and make her feel loved.

These gifts for a depressed friend include comfort gifts, mood-boosting gifts, self-care gifts and inspirational gifts.

All the things that your sweet friend needs while working through her feelings of sadness or hopelessness.

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The Best Gifts for A Depressed Friend

From my experience coping with depression, these are the things that have helped the most to provide comfort, improve my mood and give me hope during the times when I feel like the sun isn’t shining on me.

Comfort Gifts for a Depressed Friend


A weighted blanket gives you warm and gentle pressure that mimics the feeling of being held or hugged, which is super comforting when you’re depressed and having trouble falling asleep. This one is my favorite because it has a removable cover made of cotton that keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


An indoor water fountain can be calming and soothing for someone with depression. It gives you something else to focus on and can make you feel like you’re sitting beside a running stream. I think this one is just the cutest. But if you’re looking for something more natural feeling I would definitely go with this one here.


If your friend is also dealing with anxiety and stress, this neck and shoulder heating pad is a great gift idea. The moist warmth can relieve tension and the soothing aromatherapy scents of lavender, chamomile and lemongrass will help melt the stress away.


Often when I’m depressed I enjoy lounging in comfy pajamas and watching Netflix to get my mind off the stressors in my life. These pajamas are the perfect set for doing just that. They’re lightweight and flexible which makes them super comfy. The best part is they’re cute, so she can lounge in style all day.

Mood-boosting Gifts for a Depressed Friend


I’m sure you’re starting to see a trend with the aromatherapy and scents as good mood boosters. This aromatherapy candle is made of soy and natural scents which are great for stress relief, anxiety and creating a relaxing atmosphere. The sweet saying on the votive itself makes it the perfect gift to cheer up your depressed friend.


I really do love my essential oil diffuser. I put a little lavender and chamomile oil in it before bed, and it makes the room feel more like an oasis. Then, lemongrass and orange in the morning to boost my mood. This one changes colors for whatever mood you’re in and it comes with a remote so you don’t have to get up and down out of bed.


The essential oil diffuser is no good without essential oils. If you don’t know much about essential oils, this set provides oils already mixed for specific uses, like mood boosting and restful sleep. And this set is U.S. made, which I love.


Every woman loves to smell good even if she is depressed. And these mists can actually be used on your body and pretty much anywhere in your home. I’ve even used them in my car.


There is something about plants that just make you feel good. Obviously, they create fresh air for us to breathe. But they’re also soothing somehow. Succulents are my favorite because they’re low maintenance, colorful, and usually small enough to use anywhere in your home for accent.


Oh my gosh…this soundtrack is amazing. Even if your friend isn’t into meditation, just listening to the music alone is refreshing and invigorating. You can only think happy thoughts when listening to this. You can sample the soundtrack by clicking here and scrolling down just a bit.


You know they say, laughter is the best medicine. This book of jokes might not seem like the more predictable or expected gift, but this really is a great gift for a friend with depression.

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Self-care Gifts for a Depressed Friend


Lotion is another obvious choice for a self-care gift. This one particularly is made for calming and relaxing. It’s made with soothing oat, lavender, chamomile and ylang ylang (another essential oil scent).


Facial masks are a good way to feel like you’ve had a salon facial in just a few minutes time. They’re a simple self-care item that can make you feel refreshed and beautiful. And this set is super fun!


For most women, the most neglected part of their body is their feet. This kit comes with foot scrub, foot balm, pumice stone, brush and food massager. It’s perfect for a spa day at home. Self-care at it’s finest.


Water is an essential part of anyone’s day. By gifting your depressed friend with this colorful stainless steel water bottle, you’re making sure she’s staying hydrated and healthy. Plus, it’s just super cute!


If your friend is missing out on the benefits of a bath caddy, then it’s your duty to show her the light. (LOL) Seriously though, it makes relaxing in the tub so much better. She can have all the necessities with her for ultimate relaxation – wine, a book and maybe a candle.

Inspirational Gifts for a Depressed Friend


When you’re depressed, hearing how others have overcome the same feelings is refreshing and inspiring. Self-help books and memoirs are my favorite. They keep me mindful and encouraged. This book, Furiously Happy by Jenny Lawson, is an amazing read. It’s full of real life hysteria and will inspire your friend for sure.


Affirmations are simply a way to create new beliefs in yourself and the world around you. They help you focus on the positive so you see less of the depressing. These cards are a perfect gift for your friend. They’re affirmations with a since of humor.


Journals are a great way to get your feelings out. A gratitude journal helps you focus on the things in your life that you’re grateful for. And by focusing on the good things, your mind looks for more good and happy things. I love this journal because it’s set up in such a fun way.


When you give your friend jewelry with a statement, you’re giving her inspiration. You’re making her feel loved. And you’re giving her a reminder that she isn’t alone.

Choosing The Best Gifts for Your Struggling Friend

You don’t have to be scared when shopping for gifts for a depressed friend. She will know that whatever you do or whatever gift you buy, your intentions are good. And that is all that matters.

If you have a friend that’s having a hard time, showing understanding and support is the best way to be there for her. But sometimes material gifts help you help her.

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