5 Things You Need to Do to Be More Productive at Home

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Are you a working mom struggling to make time for your kids? Do you feel like you can’t get anything accomplished when you’re at home? Maybe you want to find time for a hobby or just have a clean house one day out of the week. No worries. I’m going to share with you five things you can do to be more productive at home.

In March 2015, nearly 70 percent of mothers with children under the age of 18 were working moms. According to the U.S. Department of Labor – Women’s Bureau, this is an increase of almost 50 percent since 1975.

Although there are more moms in the workforce now than ever before, the majority of household duties are still maintained by the mother.

Because of the increase in time spent away from home with little change in household responsibilities,  it’s easy to become overwhelmed and unmotivated. As an “always on the go” kind of mom, this makes life at home harder to manage.

As a mom of three busy kids, I have learned that time management is key to being more productive. Create a flow that works for you at home, and you will spend less time stressing over what you left a mess. Less stress at home = more productivity at work. It’s a win-win!

These five productivity tips are sure to get you managing your time more efficiently. They are going to take some effort to implement, but I can assure you, it will be worth it.

If you struggle to get things done at home, these five actionable tips will help you be more productive at home. Use these time management tips to make life at home and at work much easier.

5 Things You Should Do to Be More Productive At Home


You may not want to hear this, but waking up before everyone else is key. I get more done in the quiet, early morning hours than I do in twice the time after my kids are up.

If you find it hard to get up early, make sure to get a good night sleep. A daily dose of vitamin B-12 might also help. (I’m not a physician, so be sure to take according to manufacturer directions and/or with physician’s guidance.)


I say “refine your routine” instead of create a schedule, because I AM a working mom. I know that every day is different with kids. There is baseball practice, school band programs, and plays for every holiday (for EACH kid). I’m sure you already have a list of certain things you do at home and for certain days of the week.

Refining your routine is about being more specific about how much time you spend on each activity and how to incorporate little things that have a big impact.

For instance, if my son has ball practice on a school day, I know we will be late getting home. We still have homework, need to get showers, and have dinner to think about.

So, I might plan a crock-pot meal for the evening, take my book to read while he practices, and have my daughter work on homework during. It is all about being intentional with your time.


Like us moms, kids need routines to feel accomplished, too. An intentional routine can also cut back on the amount of times we hear, “Mom, I’m sooo bored.”

By creating a routine for our kids, we are teaching them early about productivity and setting and accomplishing goals.

I suggest creating a monthly calendar that is easily accessible for the whole family. This will hold all of the events that are going on for everyone in the family.

Then, create a list of things that need to be completed on a weekly basis. You can break this down into tasks for each day and assign a particular person for each.

TIP: Don’t put a time stamp on the tasks. Try using a more general time frame, such as early morning, before bed, or after school. I find it’s much more productive to allow an open schedule, so you’re more adapt to adjust to changes as they come. This also allows the kids to feel more responsible.


If you really want to be more productive at home, you have to get organized. Being organized means being prepared for the unexpected. It means everything has a place, and your life is simplified because of it.

Declutter, create a filing system, and buy more storage containers. Do these things, and quit carrying around the burden of having a cluttered house.

This will allow you to focus on more important things that need to be done. It will also save you time by knowing exactly where everything is when you need it.

If you are having difficulty deciding where to start, my “Organizing Your Home” board on Pinterest has lots of ideas for organization. You will find tips for organizing your kitchen cabinets, bathroom, bedroom and laundry room for any budget. You might also want to check out these 67 Organization Tips & Hacks for Stress-Free Morning with Kids over at WhatMomsLove.com. This list is gold!


Yes, you heard that right. Find your inspiration. What is it that you’re actually trying to accomplish by being more productive at home?

Sure, everyone loves a clean house. But, what will being more productive at home do for you? How does it make you feel? Will it allow you the extra time to spend with your family or more time doing something else you enjoy?

Find your reason, and you will find your inspiration. Hold on to that thought, and you will push through and find a way to get stuff done.

How to Be More Productive at Home – The Takeaway

Us moms are strong, multi-tasking women capable of anything we put our minds to. If we are intentional about what we do with our time and energy we will conquer our goals.

Waking up before our kids, refining our routine and creating one for our kids, getting organized and looking inward to find our inspiration are all important components to our success. Do these things, and you will be more productive at home for sure.

Do you have any tips to add to the list? What is a key time management hack for your household? Let’s start a conversation in the comments below. I’d love to hear what works for you!

If you struggle to get things done at home, these five actionable tips will help you be more productive at home. Use these time management tips to make life at home and at work much easier.


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