9 Amazing Benefits of Being a Working Mom You Need to Know

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Are you a working mom struggling with whether or not to go back to work after having your sweet baby? Or, maybe you have been home a while with your little one and feel like something is missing. Then, there is the question of whether you can financially afford not to work.

You’ve probably been weighing the pros and cons of working versus being a full-time stay at home mom. Let me tell you, there are some awesome benefits of being a working mom.

For me, these benefits far outweighed any disadvantage. As a woman, I enjoy feeling appreciated, I thrive on productivity, and I need to feel connected with society.

If this sounds like you, then being a working mom is likely the right path for you.


I vividly remember going back to work after I had my last baby.

As you can imagine, the thought of leaving my little one with someone else to take care of him was heartbreaking.

After all, I was home with my first two children until my second (my son) was almost a year old. Even then, I only worked part time for a while.

But, after going back and forth with the idea of full-time stay-at-home-mom versus working mom, I decided being a working mom would benefit the family far more than being a stay-at-home-mommy.

While this might not be the path you choose when making the decision of being a working parent vs. stay-at-home mother, these benefits will be able to help you make a more informed choice.

Considering going back to work after having a baby? Then, you need to know these benefits of being a working mom for you and your family.


Below are the top benefits of being a working mom that drove my decision to go back to work.

Because there are advantages for everyone in the family, they are broken into three categories that address how being a working mom benefits your children, how being a working mom benefits your marriage, and how being a working mom benefits you individually.



No matter what style of mom you are, the ultimate goal is to do what is best for our children.

The article, Children Benefit from Having a Working Mom, posted by Harvard Business School, reviews a study of the impact a working mother has on her children. The findings indicate that children of working moms find equal value in contributions made within and outside of the home.

By going to work, keeping a schedule, and maintaining a household, we teach our children to be strong, self-sufficient individuals.

We teach our children…

  • how to prioritize based on importance and self-fulfillment, which teaches them self-love.
  • the importance of a solid work ethic that emulates honor and pride for their efforts.
  • that with accomplishment comes responsibility first.

Having a working mom benefits kids later in life, too.

We teach our sons to respect women and treat them as equals and appreciate their efforts . And, we teach our daughters they can have a successful career without sacrificing their choice to have a family.



Each relationship is different, but one thing is for sure – it’s much healthier when you both contribute value to the relationship.

By actively pursuing what makes you happy and feel accomplished, you are showing your spouse how you want to be treated while adding substance to the relationship.

When you’re a working mom…

  •  you are able to help your spouse with the financials and relieve stress.
  • fathers tend to assist more with household chores and responsibilities according to a survey by Pew Research Center.
  • you share the understanding with your spouse of what it means to be a working parent and have a stronger connection because of it.

There is no doubt that your employment status plays a role in your relationships. Being able to share the financial work load and chores and responsibilities at home, gives you a definite advantage.



Before we were moms, we were just women. The needs we had then are the same needs we have now, except maybe in a slightly different form.

After having children and tending to their needs 24/7, it’s nice to have a break and recoup our thoughts. We are human, after all. Of course we long for interaction and appreciation.

When you are a working mom, you…

  • have a stronger since of self-worth through accomplishment and appreciation from your peers.
  • have time away from your children to reflect on, think about and appreciate your loved ones.
  • are able to interact with like-minded adults and have conversations about things you can’t discuss with your children.

Ultimately, being a working mom gives us a greater since of self. It allows us to stand apart from our children and spouse and be our own person without fear of falling in line with mom routine and letting it define us completely.

As moms, we often struggle with feeling guilty about putting ourselves first. In this case, I hope these benefits of being a working mom help you set that guilt aside.


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If you're considering going back to work after baby, these benefits of being a working mom are NEED TO KNOW!


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