8 Positive Books to Help Your Girl Conquer the Tween Years

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Why did I put together this list of books for tween girls?

The truth is, being a tween girl is weird and awkward, and that’s just how it is. That child-like innocence is slowly being replaced with an understanding of the physical anatomy along with a ton of new thoughts and emotions.

There are lots of eye rolls, fears, and tears that come along with the “tween years.” It’s completely natural, but it doesn’t make it any easier for you to explain or for her to understand. That’s why I have put together this list of books for tween girls – to assist my daughter, and yours, through the tween years.

I’m the mom of a beautiful, intelligent, outgoing and inquisitive 12-year-old girl. She wants to know everything that’s going on and be the first to tell anyone who might listen. She asks a ton of questions, and lately some of those questions have been about the changes she’s begun to experience and that other girls are whispering about at school. You know, the physical and emotional changes that come along with p-u-b-e-r-t-y. (Ugh…I hate saying that word. It makes the transition of going from a little girl to a young woman seem so…well, not feminine.) With that, I want her to be as prepared as possible with what to expect and how to cope in social situations.

I hope you enjoy my list of books for tween girls and find it as helpful as I have.

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Being a tween girl is weird and awkward. These top rated books for tween girls are sure to help her navigate those odd years and help you understand what she's experiencing.


*If you’re able, I encourage you to read along with her. These books are just as much for us moms as they are for our daughters.


The Care and Keeping of You 2 by Dr. Cara Natterson

This book is from the Body Book Series by American Girl, and it also has a corresponding journal to go along with it. It provides illustrations to assist with the discussion of her changing body, including periods, emotions and taking care of herself. I am currently reading this book with my daughter, and trust me, there are plenty of questions.




The Myth of the Perfect Girl by Ana Homayoun

As mothers, we have great expectations and aspirations for our daughters. After all, we just want the best for them. In this book, Ana discusses the expectations that society has placed on young girls and the affect it can have on their productivity and growth. It’s advice for girls and their parents to help overcome the social and academic demands placed upon young girls. It reminds them to stay true to themselves to find “authentic success and happiness.”



10 Ultimate Truths Girls Should Know by Kari Kampakis

In this book, Kari discusses ten issues that all young girls seem to deal with that ultimately affect their self-esteem and body image. She provides insight and inspiration in a Christian message that teaches you don’t have to compromise your self-respect, honesty, and good character to make friends or get attention. With this book, Kari Kampakis lays a foundation for making good choices, especially when it’s easier not to.



A Smart Girl’s Guide to Knowing What to Say by Patti Kelley Criswell

From the Smart Girl’s Guide Series by American Girl, this book provides multiple examples and scenarios for common situations young girls face. It also provides tips and techniques to use when in these situations, including the words to say. Being equipped with the right words and thoughts in stressful situations is one of the most powerful tools we can provide our children.



Three Minute Devotions for Girls by Janice Thompson

I love that these devotions are three minutes. Just long enough to keep them interested and keep them motivated to continue them daily. Janice has packed 180 stories into this inspiring book for young girls. Girls are so impressionable at this age, and having real stories they can relate to is great.




Girls Above Society – Steps to Success: An Empowerment Guide by Lauren Galley

Teen mentor, Lauren Galley, has written an awesomely empowering book for girls in this Girls Above Society literature. It’s a great guide for tween girls to find their own success, be confident in themselves and build positive relationships. Being able to make decisions based on your own morals and values is definitely a skill I want my daughter to have.



Gutsy Girls: Young Women Who Dare by Tina Schwager

As moms, we want our daughters to be all that they can be. We want them to aspire to be all that they want to be and more. What better way to inspire them than to share real life stories of other girls who have conquered their dreams? This book is full of motivational stories of young women who dared to be different and succeeded.




A Girl’s Guide to Understanding Boys by Dannah Gresh

Eleven to twelve is definitely the age range, for my household anyway, that ‘boys’ have become the topic of many discussions. In this book, the emotions and peer pressure of relationships is addressed on a tween level. There is also a bible study for each segment. It assists in reassuring the new feelings they’re experiencing and helps them to understand what boys are thinking too.



My hope is that these books will encourage and uplift our girls, in that awkward tween stage, to make decisions based on their own values and not the expectations of others. Let’s empower them to think big and keep a caring heart. Let these books serve as a guide to help mothers like you and me understand what’s going on in the mind of their little girls. After all, It’s been so long since we’ve been there ourselves.

I’m always seeking resources to help my family along. And, since parenting doesn’t come with a manual, books from parents before me are the next best thing. If you have any recommendations, I’d love to know what books for tween girls have helped you and your daughter navigate “the tween years.” Leave me a comment with your favorite book.


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Being a tween girl is weird and awkward. These top rated books for tween girls are sure to help her navigate those odd years and help you understand what she's experiencing.


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