The Ultimate List of Educational Gifts for 4 Year Old Boy

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If you are looking for the best educational gifts for a 4 year old boy, you have come to the right place!

Every year my kids seem to acquire more and more stuff. Most of which gets thrown in the closet or shoved into a corner somewhere after a couple uses.

For me, it’s important that the money I spend is used wisely.

If you are like me, you want to provide your kids with things they want and enjoy. BUT, you also want to make sure these are things they will actually use and can benefit from.

At the young age of 4 years old, their little brains are developing quickly. There are many developmental milestones between the age of 4-6 years old.

They are becoming more independent, have a longer attention span and are becoming more creative with playtime.

This is why you want to provide your 4 year old with the best learning and education toys.

(This post contains affiliate links. You can read my full disclosure policy here.)

Below you will find the best toys for 4 year old boys this season.

This list of educational gifts for a 4 year old boy includes the best gifts for your 4 year old boy found on Amazon!


Educational Gifts for 4 Year Old Boy

These gifts for 4 year olds will encourage learning and brain development. They will help your 4 year old with counting and recognizing colors, shapes and letters.

The best thing about these gifts?

They will keep your energetic, silly, rambunctious 4 year old entertained while learning and growing!

You will see below that these award winning toys for 4 year old boys are broken down into categories.

This is to help you navigate, because there are so many to choose from.

Now, on to the list…


Educational Gift Idea #1 – Books & Workbooks


This book is great for teaching your child the power of choice! There are 9 stories in one, and your little boy gets to choose which way the story will go. Your little boy will love this book! Grab  your copy HERE.


This giant preschool book has all the basics to teach your child the alphabet, numbers and basic math. It’s colorful and fun for ages 3-5. Read more about the Big Preschool workbook and rave reviews HERE.


Make learning new words fun with this Big Words for Little Geniuses book by the Patterson’s. The kids love it when Mom and Dad try to pronounce these big, new words. They will ask to read it again and again! Check it out over on Amazon.


This Early Learning Activity Book is great to keep your little one entertained. They can reuse it over and over again. It’s made with a wipe clean material. Check it out here on Amazon, and grab some of these fine tipped Expo markers for easy cleanup.


Educational Gift Idea #2 – Matching Games

This matching game is great for your 4 year old’s memory. And, it teaches them to recognize the upper and lowercase of same letters. You can grab the Alphabet Memory game here.


Bright and colorful, these mosaic pegboards are a good choice for matching color and promoting fine motor skills. The size of these are great and they come with a storage tray. See more photos of the Amosting Button Art Set HERE.


Paw Patrol is huge in our house! There is Paw Patrol bedding, Paw Patrol animals and even Paw Patrol spoons. So, this Paw Patrol matching game is a must. Get your Paw Patrol matching game over here on Amazon.


Teach your little boy all the different animals with this Animal Memory Game. It’s colorful and full of all the different animals. Kids go crazy when you make the animal sounds. Click here to see if this book is something your little one will enjoy.


According to Amazon, this toy was the Mom’s Choice Gold Metal, Tillywig & Academics’ Choice Brain Child Award Winner 2017! Some skills that can be learned with this matching game include alphabet, spelling, numbers, math, time, animals, and a whole lot more. Check out this popular gift idea here.


Educational Gift Idea #3 – Learn & Play Activity Desk/Center


Your 4 year old boy will love this table. He will feel so smart and won’t be able to wait to show you what he has learned. CLICK HERE TO SEE PRICE


If you love to see your child express himself through art, this is just the right gift. This table and benches is adorable. It has room for brushes, colors, and you can attach a role of canvas paper. Find it on Amazon here.


If your little one likes to experiment, this Little Tikes STEM Jr. Wonder Lab Toy is just what he needs.


Educational Gift Idea #4 – Puzzles


This Brain Training Magnetic Geometric Puzzle with Storage Tray is a good way to get your little one thinking. It comes with 92 pieces, and can be used on the fridge while you’re busy cooking in the kitchen. Help to improve their hand-eye coordination and cognitive thinking with this great puzzle.


Does your kid love trains? Then he will love these giant floor puzzles! You get two in one! These puzzles encourage focus and make learning the alphabet fun. Check out The Learning Journey: Puzzle Doubles here.


Want to teach your 4 year old about geography early on? This USA Map Puzzle is just what you need. The wood-like material is sturdy so you know it will last. And, it will help him develop problem solving skills, and it promotes independent play. See more here.


Educational Gift Idea #5 – Tablets & Tech Gifts


This VTech Little Apps Tablet is so cute. It’s also a great motivational tool. When getting an answer wrong, the tone of the game makes you want to keep trying! The screen changes colors and it encourages your child to vocalize the answers. Get this awesome kid’s tech gift here.


Help your little one learn how to spell and write his name with this VTech Write & Learn Creative Center. It has animated demonstrations so your child can follow along. This is a must-have for your 4 year old this year! Click here to get it now.


If your little guy is as into PJ Masks as mine is, then he will surely love this! He will feel like he is part of the mission all while learning science, geography, letters, counting, and problem solving. Get one for your little man here.


The all-new Fire HD 10 Kids Edition Tablet is a great value. It comes with the protective case, a ton of storage and 1 year of FreeTime Unlimited. My 4 year old has this. He loves it, and I love it. It is a must for long trips or those days at the doctor’s office. Get the bundle here.


Educational Gift Idea #6 – Blocks


This activity table can be used in four different ways, and can be used indoor or outside. The kids will stay entertained for hours building a small village. This table is well worth the price. See the price on Amazon here.


These Soyee Magnetic Blocks are so neat. They are designed to help build kid’s sense of creativity and get better understanding of color, geometrical shapes and develop motor skills and creative thinking. See more about the magnetic blocks here.


I remember having so much fun with these Pattern Blocks when I was in school. Creating the pattern on the board or paper was so exciting to me, and my little one feels the same way. This set of Pattern Blocks and Boards from Melissa & Doug is a great addition to any 4 year old boy wish list.


Educational Gift Idea #7 – Board Games

Board games help kids learn to take turns, share and play fair. And, they encourage cognitive thinking. Here are a few of the top rated board games for 4 year olds.


Candy Land The World of Sweets Game

Nickelodeon Paw Patrol Pop Up Game


The Ladybug Game | Great First Board Game For Boys and Girls


Peaceable Kingdom Feed the Woozle Preschool Skills Builder Game

The Best Gift for a 4 Year Old Boy on Amazon

I hope this list of educational toys and learning games was what you were looking for. These really are the best toys and gift ideas for 4 year old boys.

The best part about all these gifts is…

you can get them all on Amazon!

If you haven’t grabbed your 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime, you can do that now right here.

I highly suggest you give it a try. Even if you don’t plan on keeping it, using it during the holidays will save you a ton on shipping and help you avoid the hustle and bustle.

If there is anything you think should be added to the list, or if you would like any other suggestions, please leave me a comment below.


This is the ultimate list of educational gifts for a 4 year old boy. These are the best toys for 4 year old boys to promote learning and education.


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