How to Enjoy Life’s Little Moments With Your Kids

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It’s so humbling to be able to revel in life’s little moments, isn’t it?

All too often, we get caught up in busy days running errands between work and our kids’ extracurricular activities and the grocery store that we forget to take the time to savor our happy moments while we’re in them. We could seamlessly float through life focused on the next thing on our to-do list or in our daily routine. It’s too easy.

It’s when you slow down and realize the moment you’re in, that’s really eye opening to the things that truly matter in life.

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My daughter recently had her first school dance.  Shopping for a dress and coordinating the accessories was loads of fun, but we spent that time so high strung from the excitement and pressure of finding the “perfect” outfit. It wasn’t until after her makeup and hair was done, the pictures were taken, and the kids were dropped off, that I got to sit down and revel in this little moment of my life and hers.

Looking back through the photos last night and thinking back on this time we’ve spent together, my heart is struck with such an overwhelm of emotion. As I look at her, who she is inside and out, I see the young woman she is becoming. I see a girl with a heart so full of compassion for others. I see a smile that can light up a room no matter its size or occupancy. I see a girl with the ability and drive to make a change in this world, and I am so proud. I don’t remember ever feeling this much pride, joy, love and accomplishment for any one thing in my life (with the exception of the birth of each of my children).

I wonder, are our children the only ones, the only thing, that can allow us to feel so humbled and accomplished?

I can’t answer that question just yet, as I still have a lot of life to live. But, I can tell you I can’t imagine anything getting close to this feeling. And, I can offer you some tips on how to enjoy more of the little moments so you have more proud mom moments.


My 7 Tips for Enjoying Life’s Little Moments with Your Little Ones


1. Plan More Time With Your Kids

Of course, this is the most obvious, but it’s also the easiest to forget. You’ve heard the old saying, “A mom’s work is never done.” It’s because, even if we don’t have our kids with us at the moment, we are on call 24/7. We are constantly on the go, so sometimes we have to stop and make time for the important things in life, like spending quality time with our kids. Write it in your planner, type it in your iphone calendar – whatever you have to do to make it happen. If reading is something you enjoy doing with your kids, you should check out this list of 9 Classic Children’s Books. They teach ethics and morals.

2. Put Away The Electronics & Be Present

I’m sure we’ve all heard this one, too. I’m just gonna say it – electronics have taken over. I have caught myself too often having conversations with my kids and never looking up from my phone. How can you have a meaningful conversation with your son about his day at school when you’re distracted the entire time? You miss all the facial expressions and gestures that make up half the conversation. So, put away the phone, the laptop and the tablet, and actually be present.

3. Listen To Your Children

My three-year-old is always the one to remind me of this one. You know how you hear “mama” all day long until it starts to fade out and you don’t notice it as much any more? Well, each time it happens to me, my three-year-old makes certain to find the most opportune way to get my attention. The most recent occurrence involved him shooting me in the back with a Nerf gun from about two feet away. (Yea, that one stung a bit.) Just remember, what seems unimportant to you might mean the world to them.

4. Keep Things Simple

More isn’t always better. When you’re planning an itinerary with kids in mind, keep it simple. The more details you add, the more disappointed you might be. Be open to change. If your kids are anything like mine, they don’t have a good concept of time.

5. Lend A Helping Hand When Asked

As parents, we want our children to grow to be self-sufficient adults. At a young age, we start teaching them to do things themselves to encourage independence. So, when they ask for help with a project or making their lunch, we should make time. They might not remember that exact moment in time when they’re 40, but they will remember their mom always being their to help.

6. Accept That You Will Have Bad Days

I know we all want things to be just right – all the time. The truth is, it just ain’t gonna happen. But, the not-so-good times make those little moments, when things seem just perfect, that much more enjoyable. When you’re having a bad with kids screaming and the little one sick, remember, things won’t stay this way. Knowing that better days are yet to come, will make this small moment bearable.

7. Keep A Journal

Keeping a journal is a classic way to remember the little moments we sometimes forget. It’s easy to get caught up in everyday life. I love reading (re-living) past journal entries. It’s a good way to get a laugh and reflect on parenting mishaps. I suggest keeping a journal specifically for family memories. You will be surprised how the things that were once important seem so trivial now.

I hope you have enjoyed this post and find these suggestions help you enjoy more of life’s little moments with your kids.


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Do you feel like you're running crazy and missing the good times? Learn seven ways to slow down and enjoy more of life's little moments with your kids.

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