11 Fun Exercise Routines for Kids That Hate Fitness

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There is no doubt, the best exercise routines for kids are the ones that are fun!

And yes, exercise really can be fun…

The fun exercises for kids make it easy to get them active and keep them entertained without all the fuss.

I’m sure you’re glad to know there are easy ways to motivate your kids to exercise. The thing is – sometimes we have to disguise it as a game or family time. (Keep reading… I’ll explain.)

You see (and I’m sure you already know this), kids in this new generation are becoming increasingly more lazy. Physically, not mentally.

With all the new technology, interactive video games, smart t.v.’s, social media, there is no way for them to be “mentally lazy.”

However, the increase in screen time is keeping our children from getting the exercise their bodies need.

Parents all over the U.S. are scouring the internet and asking things like:

  • How can a kid get fit?
  • How do I encourage my child to exercise?
  • How much exercise does a child need?
  • How can I make my lazy child active?

In a recent post (this one here), I talked about how my husband and I debated on whether or not to buy our children electronics for Christmas.

I have to say, it has been a struggle to limit the amount of time our son spends sitting in front of the t.v., with his headset on, playing video games.

He is a pretty athletic kid. And baseball usually keeps him active. However, during the winter months, there is not as much to do outside.

So I knew I had to come up with a way to get him off the couch and give his brain a break while also getting in some fitness.

I discovered that making exercise fun for kids is the best way to encourage physical fitness.

And I’m going to share with you the best tips for making exercise fun and give you a great list of fun exercise routines!

If you want to know how to get your lazy kid to workout, check out these mom tips and fun workout ideas for kids.

How To Make Exercise Fun For Kids

Creating exercise routines for kids sounds intimidating.

When I first sat down to Google “exercise routines for kids,” I was overwhelmed with the search results.

They were titles like:

  • Full-body conditioning exercises for kids,
  • Strength-training exercises for kids, and
  • What is the best workout for children, which included exercises I had never heard of, like the “slalom jump.”

Really? My kids would never go for some intense, drill-like workout. They’re kids.

I quickly realized I would have to ask Google in a different way.

So instead, I searched for things like fun exercise for kids, kids exercise games, and how to get kids active.

These are the things I found that encourage my kids to be more active.

Reward them for their efforts.

If you have a kid that hates fitness, it will probably be hard just to get them off the couch. However, a little incentive will usually do the trick.

Now, this could also be thought of as “bribing.” But as a busy, working mom of three, I do what works.

Suggest a fun activity, a trip to the dollar store, or a nice snack afterwards.

Just make sure the snack is a healthy one. You don’t want to undo all the hard work they’ll be doing once you finally get them moving.

Either way, it’s a good idea to be prepared with a healthy, after-workout snack. At my house, burning calories always works up an appetite.

Things like waffles loaded with fresh fruit and some light whipped cream, fruit smoothies, apples with peanut butter, or fruit and yogurt parfaits are great options.

Make it a family affair.

Kids always seem to think everything is more fun when mom and dad are involved.

Maybe it’s all the laughter they get out of watching a 30-something, worn out mom of three trying to dance along to the latest hip-hop song on the Just Dance video game.

Yep, that would be me…

Whatever “exercise routine” you decide on, make sure it’s family friendly. If you can get in your workout while making sure the kids get theirs, you are definitely winning.

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Include their friends.

Friends make everything more fun, especially exercise!

Kids have a natural tendency to want to run and play. Get a group of kids together and you will not have a problem getting your child to exercise.

Make it a game.

Exercise is defined as “activity requiring physical effort, carried out to sustain or improve health and fitness.”

If you are performing physical activity that is repetitive and gets your heart rate up with the intention to improve your health and fitness, you are exercising.

Who says exercise can’t be fun?

There are so many options for fun fitness games for kids. We’ll get to the list shortly.

Keep it simple.

Keeping it simple ensures your kid doesn’t get overwhelmed.

It can be frustrating trying to learn new exercises and trying to get your body to move in a way it’s not accustomed to.

If you are trying to motivate your child to workout for weight loss, keep the atmosphere light so he doesn’t feel pressured.

The last thing you want to do is turn him off of fitness at a young age.

Create your own kid-size gym at home.

If you have room in your home, exercise equipment is a great motivator.

Kids love to get new things, and exercise equipment for kids is like them getting a new toy.

You’d be surprised at all the options that are available now.

They have exercise bikes for kids, barbells for kids, mini steppers, and the small indoor/outdoor trampolines are a great workout too.

Now on to the list of “exercise routines!”

Exercise Routines For Kids That Are Lazy

You’re here because trying to get your kid to exercise has been difficult.

As busy parents, we don’t have time to create routines. Not to mention how exhausting it is trying to push your child to do something he is completely set against.

Don’t worry. These exercise routines are a great way to get your kid started with fitness.

Some of these exercise routines might not be what you expect. But remember, exercise is “activity requiring physical effort, carried out to sustain or improve health and fitness.”

By the end of the first “workout” he might even enjoy exercise.


ThinkFun Yoga Spinner Yoga Game for Kids Age 5 and Up 

WHAT YOU GET – Yoga Spinner is a fun yoga game of flexibility and balance which strengthens the body and stimulates the mind. Contains 54 yoga pose cards, a spinner with storage compartment and instructions.


Fitivities – Kids and Family Fitness Exercise Game

FUN ALTERNATIVE TO SCREEN TIME – Fitivities is the perfect way to get kids moving and having fun. There are 20 exercises and the game is formatted to get players of all ages motivated.


My Trainer Fitness On-The-Go Workout Plans

Fitness Exercise Workouts for Kids for Sports & Outdoor Play. Fun Fitness Workouts for Kids on 6+ Sturdy Laminated Exercise Cards for 6 Complete Workouts for PE and Physical Fitness for Youth


SPRI Exercise Dice 

FUN EXERCISES: Dice include jumping jacks, crunches, squats, push ups, lunges and a wildcard of your choosing – rep counts are 30, 60, 90 seconds or 10, 20, 30 reps. This is a great way to get the kids active by letting them test their luck!



Just Dance 2019


Nickelodeon Fit


Walk It Out


Kinect Sports Ultimate Collection



Fit Kids’ Fitness Workouts for Children

Included are four five-minute and two ten-minute workouts that are easy to learn and fun to do. Adults enjoy these, too. If you’re looking for a workout you can do with your kids, this is it!


Kids Get Movin’ Exercise Video

This is a fun and motivating exercise program recommended for children ages 5-13. It will help build aerobic capacity, coordination, flexibility, strength, and balance.


Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventures

Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventures is part of Amazon Prime Video. This show does yoga to popular stories like the Hungry Caterpillar, Harry Potter, Frozen, and Trolls. My 4-yr-old loves to follow along. Even though he can’t keep up with every move, he always asks for more Yoga!


If you’re not an Amazon Prime member, this is just another reason to join. My kids can take their shows on the road, literally.

If you’re interested in trying Amazon Prime, you can get a 30-Day Free Trial here.

Encourage healthy habits through fun exercise for kids!

It can be difficult to get your kids motivated to exercise. However, if you start encouraging physical activity at a young age, you will teach your kids a love of fitness that will last a lifetime.

Be encouraging and make it fun, and you will have your kids exercising without even knowing it.

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These fun exercise routines for kids are a great way to get your kid to workout. If your child hates fitness, you need these fitness tips for kids.
If you are looking for fun exercise routines for kids, you need these workout tips and fun exercise ideas.

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