How to Simplify Christmas Gift Giving This Year

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Simplify Christmas Gift Giving? Is this really a thing?

Yes, it’s really a thing, and let me tell you why.

Each year the consumer industry begins to push the Christmas season on us earlier and earlier. Christmas decor is now going up in stores at the same time Thanksgiving supplies and decor are.

It’s like a scramble to the finish line. Who can get their Christmas sales going first?

Then, they’re announcing, “Only ‘X’ shopping days left ’til Christmas!”

It’s like a constant reminder to spend money. And for some, it’s a reminder of the things they can’t afford.

So many people get caught up in the hustle and bustle during the holiday season.

Just think about Black Friday.

People literally fighting in the middle of Wal-Mart or Target. And just to save $50 on that new gaming system or t.v.

Where did the spirit of Christmas go?

I have to admit, I have been to a couple Black Friday sales myself. But after those couple experiences, I was done.

Being shoved around or having someone breathing down my neck in the checkout line is just not for me.

This post contains affiliate links. You can read my full disclosure policy here.

Anyway, this was not intended to be a rant about Black Friday, so let’s move on.


Getting Back to the Spirit of Christmas

Christmas is about family. It’s about celebrating the birth of Jesus.

Gift giving should be about sharing with the ones you love. It should bring joy and heartfelt happiness.

When I think about Christmas, I think about family gathered together.

I think about warm hugs and showing gratitude and appreciation for friends and family. And I think about good food and catching up with loved ones we haven’t seen in a while.

What I don’t think about is, what I’m going to get or who is going to get me the biggest present.


So, What Does it Mean to Simplify Christmas Gift Giving?

This is a tricky one.

Every family has their own unique structure. They have their own way of doing things and their own feelings towards Christmas.

The traditions your family has are probably different from what my family experiences during the Christmas holiday.

And that’s okay.

You have to evaluate the reason you think simplifying Christmas would be good for your family.

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A Few Reasons You Might Simplify Christmas Gift Giving this Year

Avoid the Stress – There is no doubt that Christmas time can be hectic. We’re making lists and checking them twice just to make sure we didn’t miss anyone.

Because we don’t want to make anyone feel left out.

Then we have to fight the crowds and find time after work, or between work and other scheduled family things, to do the shopping.

It’s A Lot to do.

And all that added work can cause anyone stress. So maybe you want to avoid that stress this year.


Financial Concerns – Maybe your family is dealing with financial constraints this year.

This definitely puts a strain on the family, especially the parents that have to provide.

My husband and I have been through many Christmases that we struggled through financially.

You want to be able to give your kids what they need and some of what they want. It’s such a joy to see the smiles on their faces.

If this is you this year, don’t fret. I am going to share a great idea for your family Christmas.


Spend More Time with Family – Without family and close friends, Christmas wouldn’t be as heartwarming. It wouldn’t mean as much.

With all the running between stores, wrapping the gifts, and meal planning for the big day, we spend so much time away from our family.

Or, if they’re with us, we spend it frustrated trying to fight the crowd with screaming kids in tow.

If spending more quality time with your family this year is what you’re aiming for, you should check out the list below to see how you can simplify your Christmas gift giving. And learn to enjoy more of life’s little moments with your kids.


A Reminder of the True Meaning of Christmas – If you feel like your family is in need of a traditional Christmas that emulates the true meaning of Christmas, you will want to simplify this year.

So many kids these days (mine included) expect to have their Christmas wish list checked off.

They don’t truly appreciate what they are given. And they don’t think about why we celebrate Christmas in the first place.

By scaling back this Christmas, you can spend more time celebrating the true meaning of Christmas.

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Simplify Christmas Gift Giving with These Great Ideas!

If you want to simplify Christmas gift giving, you need to have a plan. Without a plan, you will just get sucked into the holiday marketing consumer trap.

Here are some things you can do to simplify Christmas gift giving depending on your reason.


Shop Online

Nowadays you can order just about anything online. I love the convenience of being able to have the store at my fingertips.

You can add things to your shopping cart and come back later to finish up.

No long lines. No fighting the crowd. And no struggling with the kids.

For this reason, I am a big believer in Amazon. With the Amazon Prime Membership, there are so many perks!

You get access to Prime Videos, a library of movies and television shows you can stream at any time. Then there is the Prime Music and exclusive deals sent to you.

But my favorite thing about Amazon Prime has got to be the free 2-day shipping.

Yes! Free 2-day shipping on Prime items.

Right now they’re offering a 30-day Free Trial of Amazon Prime. This is long enough to get you through the Christmas holiday. And you can cancel it as before your trial period runs up and not have to pay a dime.

Get your 30-day Free Trial of Amazon Prime HERE>>>


Set a Budget

In my experience, if you have a budget, things will be much simpler.

There is no agonizing over spending too much or how many more gifts you have to buy.

Setting a budget forces you to make a plan and stick to it. And it helps you avoid overspending.

Decide how much you want to spend. Then determine how many gifts you want to purchase for each person.

If you’re trying to avoid going into debt this Christmas, you can find more great tips here.


Have a Homemade Christmas

If finances are an issue for your family this Christmas, creating a homemade Christmas is the best way to go.

Everyone makes the gifts they give. You will save so much money.

This is also a great way to get the kids involved.

All three of my kids love to create things, and I strongly encourage their creativity. Knowing that they made the gift they’re giving gets them excited.

They can’t wait to see the expression on your face as you open their beautiful masterpiece. It melts my heart.

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Want, Need, Wear & Read

I only recently discovered the Want, Need, Wear, Read gift giving method. I have to say, it’s quite intriguing.

When the kids create their letter to Santa, you have them list things they want, things they need, things they would like to wear and something they would enjoy reading.

I think it’s genius! This way you are spending money on the things they need as well as things they want. And you don’t feel like you’re giving them huge expectations for the future.


Give the Gift of an Experience

Instead of going through all the shopping and wrapping, why not give the gift of an experience?

The older I get, the more I want to have new experiences versus new things. And I want these things for my kids, too.

If you have sports fans in your house, you could opt for tickets to a big game. Or, if your family keeps up with the latest movies, how about a set of tickets to movie theater?

A family sized gift basket is also a great idea. Use a theme, such as, “Family Game Night.” You could fill it with board games and lots of yummy snacks.


Gift Cards & Cash

If you want to avoid any type of shopping, you could just opt for gifts cards or cash. Put it in a cute Christmas card and you’re done.

This is super simple. And who doesn’t love to get cash?


Give to Charity

If you really want to teach your family about the meaning of Christmas, you could skip the gifts and give to a charitable cause instead.

This one might not be the most popular with the kids, but it’s a great experience for them.

You could take your Christmas spending budget and donate it, or you could pick names from an Angel tree and buy for others.

Either way, you are teaching your kids that giving is better than receiving. It will teach them to put others first and help those in need.


What Will You Do to Simplify Christmas Gift Giving this Year?

Whether money is running low or you just want to get back to the spirit of Christmas, simplifying could be the solution for you.

Determine your reason, set your plan and put it in place.

Remember to keep your family first this Christmas, and don’t stress the small stuff. Enjoy the season for what it is. A beautiful time of year to show appreciation and the love we have for each other.

Now that you have weighed your options, what have you decided to do to simplify gift giving this holiday season? Leave me a note in the comments below!

Whether you want to save money, avoid the stress or just get back to the meaning of Christmas, these great tips will help you simplify Christmas gift giving this year. #SimplifyChristmasGifts #SimpllifyChristmas #SImpleChristmasGiftGiving




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